What we do

We create original and high quality "How-to" video content.  Our "How to" build series are shared across social media platforms and are available on Amazon Prime Video Direct.  Project sponsors get unique and informative content that showcases their product being used by respected professionals as they build their latest automotive creations. Our build series campaigns are optimized for today's mobile generation because viewers can access and watch anytime and on a variety of platforms.  In TV terms, this means that the number of "eyeballs" that view your product doesn't have an expiration date and can continue to grow.  

The team at Digital Lug may be highly respected professionals but that doesn't mean they are afraid to challenge the status quo.  We are always searching for new ideas that work and new ways to showcase and promote quality automotive products.  

Our typical build series campaigns are 8 or 12 weeks but that doesn't mean we don't offer other services.  In fact, we are pretty busy doing a wide range of things from live updates and Q&As, cross country road trips, and custom product videos.

Here is just a glimpse of what we do:

  • 8 &12 week "How-to" build series campaigns
  • Amazon Prime Video Direct Channel
  • social media stingers
  • personalized photos
  • 4K content
  • live updates and Q&As
  • product specific "How-to" videos
  • live stream product announcements/unboxing
  • event documentaries
  • personal appearances
  • event hosting
  • free hair styling advice